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Blushing Bride

Blushing Bride

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A seasonal flower available in June, July and August.  Also known as Serruria florida and varies in colour from a barely-there pink to a deep rose. It gives the appearance that it is, yes, blushing. It was first discovered in the Franschhoek mountains of South Africa in 1773.

This beautiful flowers history is rooted in romance.  The history of the flower and its name becomes a bit muddled. There is two known stories according to The Willow Branch, doesn’t matter which one you believe, they both set the mood for romance.

The first explanation for how the flower got its name is simply that it looks like a bridal gown. The delicate, spindled flower petals spread out the way a gown might flutter around a bride-to-be.

The second story behind the flower is my personal favorite. It’s said that French Huguenots (who had relocated to South Africa) would wear this flower when they intended to propose to the woman they were courting. The deeper the shade of pink, the more ardent his affection.


Care Instructions

When you receive or get home with your Alstroemeria stems, trim the stems on an angle and place the stems in fresh water. Alstroemeria flowers love a little light, but not too much. The best place for them is on a table near a windlow, somewhere with a little morning sun and a shade later in the day.

Avoid any window sills, the sunshine through the glass will dehydrate your flowers and make them fade faster than they should!

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